We are Buzzdetector. A Web and Social Media Listening firm, active at global level since 2008. We provide multinational organizations with data analysis, reports, insights, crisis support.

Collecting data, no matter the purpose, is an extremely time consuming activity. 66% of the organisations do get any or little benefit from the information available. (PWC)
There is a clear business opportunity in unlocking the value tied up in information.

So we developed a new concept of platform


User centered design

Navigation from any kind of device

The Signal is the platform to support our consultancy work. It allows to deliver qualitative and quantitative reports  to save clients’ staff time. A mix of cutting edge technology, the best data providers along with our skilled staff of analysts

A digital intelligence platform

The Signal allows to create vertical industry analyses with ready to use datasets.

Virtually there is no limit to the number of industries that can be analysed with The Signal.

A web and social media monitoring tool

The tool has been developed based on our ten year experience in listening. The UX is at the core of the environment, improving the user experience, reducing by 70% the time needed to build complex queries and to dig into the system answers (measured vs. a selection of listening platforms). A proprietary alerting system based on four indexes reduces dramatically the usual inbox jam. 

A tool to create editorial projects

The platform can be used to create a wide range of web contexts:

  • House organ
  • In house news bulletin (Nestlé Web voices)
  • Dynamic catalogue for events (999 questions about living at The
  • Triennale Milano in 2018)
  • Influencers’ journal (MSC Seaside influencers’ campaign)
  • Vertical webzine (500nomore)

Case study

Fashion & Luxury Hashtags life cycle

 Along with Exane Paribas, we produced a piece of research about the adoption and the life cycle of hashtags in the Fashion and Luxury industry. 36 brands were part of the panel covering 18 months of activity on Instagram and Twitter. The research was intended to discover the impact of the digital activity on the e-commerce platforms, the strategy behind if any, best practice. 

Neuroresearch analysis on pictures

Along with B2M, an Italian firm specialised in Neuroresearch analysis to support communication and UX activity, we produced a piece of research about what, how the Instagram audience see the posts produced by brands, influencers, journalists, vips. 42 pictures from top content producers have been selected and proposed to a panel of women from four different European countries through EEG and Eye tracking techniques. To the abstract of the research:

Major Active Clients


We have been working since 2008 for Nestlè Italia along with Corporate Affair Director delivering monthly report and crisis reports. We created for them the Web Voices report, an executive summary to be distributed to management of all brands.


MSC Cruises was our first global client. We have been appointed on 2011 to follow globally the conversation about the brand and its market. Global Marketing and Digital Dept. are our internal touch point. Six languages to cover 42 markets with a monthly report plus crisis reporting.


The United Nations is a global organization that brings together its member states to confront common challenges, manage shared responsibilities, promote global development. E-Government is one of the major tasks and we support the Unit with digital intelligence and data analysis.


Comin & Partner  is a major provider of strategic communication consultancy and institutional relations for companies, managers and organisations. We support their activity with clients with web and social media listening campaign.


Fujifilm Healthcare is one of the fastest growing business for the Japanese Corporation. We support them at European level with strategic consultancy, web and social media listening, SEO & SEM activity.

Our partners

To deliver the best result as for accuracy, we added to our large proprietary repository of sources built in these 8 years of activity, and Twingly, data providers for the most relevant monitoring companies.


Other Buzzdetector products

Dashboard monitoring influencer

This tool was born from the need to follow live events Twitter and Instagram based. Built around a proprietary interface, the dashboard is divided in two sections: the first one working on a predefined panel, the second one working on the generic audience. The first section does work on a panel of influencers, allowing to interact with the contents they produce, ranking their activity. The second section does work on the larger audience with the goal to identify other contributors worth to be included in the influencer panel. The visual is widget based to facilitate any interaction. The tool is fully responsive.


PHTool is an econometric model developed with the University of Florence. It allows to measure the impact of social conversation on the bottom line. Based on proprietary algorithm, with an intuitive and innovative proprietary interface, has been successfully tested on and  currently applied in several markets.




When tackling the Web and Social Media Monitoring, one of the first question is: do I need people outstanding at understanding what’s written or people outstanding in attributing meaning to data? Our answer has been “we need both” since the very beginning. Clients are under an increasing pressure to deliver, they need someone able to provide them with usable information, timely available, easily accessible. Our skilled multilingual staff is the real tool to achieve this result. No matter which tool we use or we are asked to use, Editors and Data Analysts will come up with the information you need.

An average seniority of five years in the business, at least three languages written and spoken, this is Buzzdetector staff.

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